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YEE Turtle Food Brazilian Semi-Aquatic Turtle Dried Shrimp Exclusive Food For Home Turtle Meat and vegetable diet, nutritious ingredients

A safe choice for millions of turtles third upgraded get back the “wild” look full price high calcium with fresh meat, multi-mix diet turtle food

Turtles won’t just eat vegetables 5 types of meat in just one pellet nutritious diet with fresh meat, rich in calcium, and natural vitamins a, e, d3. amino acids, multi-dimensional minerals, firm pellets without softening turtle food✔ freshwater dried shrimp✔ freeze-dried chicken✔ freeze-dried duck✔ freeze-dried fish

98% fresh meat five, concentrated freeze-dried meat cubes restore real meat when it meets water.

30% protein up full of pellets3 different sizes of pellets suitable for every period of the turtle’s growth ✔ 1.5mm small pellets✔ 3.0mm medium pellets✔ 5.0mm large pellets

thousands of billions of prebiotics increase intestinal vitality turtles will have good intestines, won’t smell bad or get sick

No appetite stimulants added0% appetite stimulants; 0% anti-rot agents; 0% hormones✔ no appetite stimulants✔ no anti-rot agents✔ no hormones

Exclusive design based on the turtle’s habit of floating pellets facilitates the feeding and increases the activity of turtles for a healthier body

Feed aerospace freeze-dried 5 times concentrated nutrition about 100 grams of fresh meat in 20 grams of freeze-dried, rehydrated to restore 5 times the meat’s freshness.

<10% water content irradiation sterilization low water content, effectively inhibits bacteria with irradiation’s help, turtles can eat more at ease

product parameters✔ high calcium fresh shrimp turtle food adding dried shrimp, prevent the turtle’s shell from softening

Product Specifications: 1280ml Pellets Size: 1.5mm/3.0mm/5.5mmStorage: Dry and ventilated places Expired Date: 18 months Suitable for water turtles, ornamental fish, amphibians, reptiles, rodents✔ Dried Freeze Multi-Ingredient Turtle Food Fresh Meat Dried Shrimp, True Nutrition, Protect Turtle Shell Product



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