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FD Blood Worm is specially selected high-quality fresh red as raw material, through multiple sterilizations, removing microbes, and impurities, by refining freeze-drying technology and the latest. Characteristics: high-quality fresh red worm contains rich protein, fat and calcium, phosphorus and vitamins such as diesel. To take off the water in the vacuum state with zero degrees centigrade. Good nutrition and can keep the original red colour perfect the palatability. The infection of the disease is effectively eliminated by multiple sterilizations, and it is a clean and sanitary natural feed. Without any additives, the water quality is not contaminated after feeding. Daily feeding within 15 minutes can make the fish healthy and strong, the color is gorgeous. Is the best choice for family fish.

Ingredients Moisture: 3.8% (MAX), Crude protein: 60%, and cichlid fish, Crude fat: 6%, Crude fiber: 5%, Ash: 7%, Scope: KOI (Small), discus, tropical fish, goldfish, flower horn
Feeding Instructions PRESERVATION: A cool and dry place., Daily feeding 2~4 times, each feeding the fish can in 15 minutes to eat better.


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