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Petslife Mini for a hearty and healthy stomach!

“Petslife Mini” is a safe and reliable Hand-feeding formula that has been utilized to successfully raise a variety of Chicks .The presence of beneficial bacteria in a bird’s gut ensures a strong digestive system.

This Product contains dormant functional white bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut and intestinal environment . The ingredients in the food are finely pulverized to facilitate smooth digestion, absorption, and modulation of the immune system.

Petslife Mini is designed to mimic the variation of half-digested foods that chicks naturally receive from their parents. Our Mini Hand Feeding Formula offers comprehensive nutrition with the right vitamins and good bacteria for baby birds based on their original eating habits.

Ingredients :

Corn , Gluten meal, Vegetable oil, Soybean meal, Brewers’ yeast, Probiotic agent, Amino acid methionine , Vitamins ( Choline chloride, E,C, Inositol, B5,B2, A, B1, B6, B3, folic acid,D3,Biotin, Minerals) Ca.Fe. Mg Zinc.

Feeding Instruction

To this product, add hot water(about 60 degree celcius) at a ratio of about 1:3(formula:water) and mix well to form a fine paste. Cool to lukewarm temperature ( 40 degree Celcius) and feed this using a syringe or spoon . Please note that this is not to be consumed if it is too cold. Feed the next meal after 3 to 4 hours and discard the leftover food after every meal.


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