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Taiyo Fish Food contains floating pellets that will not cloud water. Taiyo Fish food is manufactured by automation from selected ingredients under strict quality control. It is a complete nutritious food enriched with carotene which enhances the colour and keeps them healthy.

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TAIYO Special Aquarium Fish Food with Fortified Formula and a Floating Pellet for all Tropical Varieties. TAIYO is a balance staple diet for all tropical fish, it is scientifically developed to meet the basic dietary needs for healthy growth and lustrous skin

About this item

  • Floating pellets that will not cloud water
  • Manufactured by automation from select ingredients under strict quality control
  • Good Color enhancer
  • Vitamin A, D3,C,E,B,B2,B6,B12,Niacin amide,para amino are inlcuded
  • Feed two or three times daily according to suitable water temperature.Fish will consume it within five to ten minutes

Taiyo Special Fish Food

Fish meal, Wheat meal, Yeast, Germ meal, Vegetables, Spirulina, Shrimp meal, Vitamins & Minerals supplements, etc.,

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein
Min. 30%
Crude Fat
Min. 2%
Crude Fiber
Max. 5%
Crude Ash
Max. 9%


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