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HIGH-QUALITY PREMIUM AROWANA STICKS -vitamin enrichment -natural protein and high athx -floating type

Arowana Sticks are suitable for young and senior Arowana and other large carnivorous fish. This Fish Food includes a variety of natural minerals, high animal protein hydrology sates and vitamins, which supplement the energy of Arowana. It can also reduce the occurrence of disease. It contains rich multivitamins and multi-minerals which make large fish more brilliant and improve their immunity and resistance. The additive natural antarctic shrimp meal, shrimp paste, etc. Excellent palatability can promote rapid growth and health, making Arowana grow and colour much better. Arowana Sticks are very easy to digest and absorb nutrition.
Ingredients SELECTED INGREDIENTS: Fish Meal, krill Meal, Mealworm Powder, Wheat Germ Extract, Wheat Flour, Soybean Meal, Spirulina, Yeast Powder, Carotene, Astaxanthin, Vitamins & Minerals.
Nutrient Content GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein: 48% (Min), Crude Fiber: 3% (Max), Moisture: 9% (Max), Crude Ash: 10% (Max), Crude Fat: 6% (Min)
Feeding Instructions Usage: 4 times a daily, amount of food should be finished within 5 minutes., NOTE: Store in cool and dry place after using & cover back.


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