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  • Aquarium KIT Clear plastic trapezoid-shaped tank is ideal for bettas
  • CONVENIENT Clear canopy has a hole to make feeding fish easy
  • Age Range Description: All Life Stages

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Aquarium Starter Kit: Perfect Starter Aquarium for Children to Learn, micro-landscape Fish Tank, its Stylish Statement-Making It the Perfect Aquarium for Any Home or Office.

Multi-purpose Terrarium: Use As a Mini Aquarium, Planted Tank, Plant Terrarium, Insect Terrarium, a Feeding Box for Small Reptiles, a Feeding  Box for Small Ornamental Plants, a Feeding Pool for Seaweed and Small Corals, or Even As a Mini Bank to Hold Coins and Loose Change.

Made of Acrylic Glass: Sturdy and Durable. Clear Outside Which Provides a Clear View and is Resistant to Impact. Unlike Glass Tanks Glued Together with Silicone, This Trendy Shaped Tank Puts to Rest Any Worries or Concerns About Possible Leaks. prevents the Fish from Jumping Out, is Soft and Not glaring, Low Environmental Protection and Low Consumption.


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