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A palatable first-line treatment paste which aids normalization of gut peristalsis and provides the fast, natural response that both owner and pet need.

Why Choose Pro-Kolin?
Clinical evidence confirms that Pro-Kolin is the only product with support from a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, multicenter, randomized study to assess its efficacy in cases of acute diarrhoea. In the study, faecal consistency returned to normal on average 24 hours faster in the treatment group, as did general activity levels and feed intake. Half of the treatment group had normal faeces by day two, and 70% had recovered by day three.

What Makes Pro-Kolin Different?

  • It contains sufficient, registered gut specific, Enterococcus Faecium probiotic – the natural “friendly” bacteria (microflora) to help restore the animal’s own gut environment through competitive exclusion
  • It contains Preplex®, a unique blend, dual source prebiotic to nourish the probiotics across more of GI tract, enhancing colonization and growth
  • Pectin – a soluble fibre which soothes the intestinal lining
  • Optimized levels of Kaolin – a historic medicinal clay with electrostatic surface binding with adsorbent properties, unaffected by GI tract pH, binding pathogens and toxins

Who Will Benefit From Pro-Kolin?

  • All pets with acute or chronic digestive upsets
  • Ideal for pet owners to use when first signs of diarrhoea are present, giving them time to see if it is a non-specific GI tract upset caused by stress (travelling, re-homing, change of diet, kenneling, antibiotics etc.) that will clear within 48 hours, or a serious condition that needs the attention of a veterinarian


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