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Petslife Large/ Pets bowl is suitable for all bird cages for Budgies, Parakeet, Cockatiel, Finches & other birds

This bird feeder cup can be used to serve water and food to the birds in the pet cases you can use more than one water cup and food tray in your bird case so that birds get unrestricted and easy access to their food and drink this will help birds not to crowd to one food and water tray all together there is hanging facility there is facility for the birds to sit drinking and sit eating easily washable and replace in the case always keep fresh water — remove the soiled or old water always keep food neat and clean, remove all unwanted dirt from the food tray.

About this item

  • Hanging hooks in these bird feeder cups helps the bird to drink and eat comfortable.
  • The plastic material cup is open mouth which is very easy to wash the feeder routinely.
  • Try to wash the feeder cups daily to provide fresh water and food.
  • Removing old water often helps yours to be healthy and free from some infection caused by fungus.


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