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Our Figure of 8 Rope Dog Toy will challenge the toughest of gnashers, bringing out the hunting instincts in your dog as they shake, toss and chew this engaging toy. Dogs will enjoy tugging and grabbing the toy, having it bash against the ground encouraging them to do it all the more.

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Figure of 8 Rope Tug Dog Toy

This product comes in an assortment of styles and we are unable to guarantee which one you’ll receive.

Make playtime even more fun with this Figure of 8 Rope Tug Dog Toy. Designed for playing a classic game of tug with your pooch, this toy is available in an assortment of three bright colours and is made from tough durable rope. Whichever style you receive, this is sure to become one of your dog’s favourite toys.

The Figure 8 Dog Toy is one of the most versatile dog toys on the market, it can be used to fetch, tug or chew and will give your dog hours of entertainment. The durable rope is great on your dogs teeth and gums and will help improve the health of these, with a built in flossing action, the fibres of the rope toy will rub between teeth and help to keep gums and teeth clean.


  • Ideal for a game of tug
  • Available in three different vibrant colours
  • Tough rope design


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