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Johnsons Nut & Honey Bars for Cockatiel & Parrots.A big natural treat for Cockatiels and Parrots, made with selected seeds, nuts and cereals, all enriched with honey.50g.

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Give your feathered friend a good mix of different tastes along with high nutrition value with these Johnson’s Nut and Honey Bar for Parrots and Cockatiels 50g,  JOHNSONS Nut & Honey Bars for CockatielsParrots . Enriched with honey. These Johnson’s bird treats are enriched with honey for a delicious taste as well as to calm your bird’s taste buds. It acts as a good source of antioxidants and also protects your bird from bacterial infections. It comes supplemented with natural seeds that fulfill the need for essential amino acids and minerals. They serve the proper functioning of your bird’s body and also help strengthen its bones.

Nuts also provide the protein and energy to survive the changing climatic conditions.

This healthy bar treat for parrots can be served as a complimentary snack along with a meal to improve the nutrition level

Product Dimensions: 23 cm (D) x 1.5 cm (W) x 7 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Enriched with natural seeds to supplement their amino acids and vitamin requirements
  • Comes with a plastic clip to firmly hang or suspend it in the aviary
  • Composed of nuts that provide an adequate amount of fibre
  • Separately packaged to keep the shape and quality maintained
  • Gelatin adhesive helps to maintain the brain functions and strengthen the bones


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