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A unique calcium syrup for dogs and cats for proper growth of puppies and also indicated in lactating bitches and for fracture healing.

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Provical Supplement For Dog – 200 ml you need to give Provical Supplement mainly to puppies and lactating female dogs. It is an essential calcium supplement that targets the overall development and growth of your beloved pet. It aids the process of remineralization of bones in female dogs during lactation. If your dog gets a fracture or breaks its bone then this Supplement will help him rejuvenate. It stimulates the process of healing and provides faster relief. Including this supplement in your dog’s diet will strengthen their bones. The Supplement contains proteins which enhance the physical growth of your dog. It works towards tissue repair as well. Just as humans need a supplement in our diet for the essential minerals similarly this Supplement is a great addition to your dog’s diet. It increases the endurance power of your dog gradually. It ensures that your female dog gives birth to healthy puppies and is able to feed them well.

Each 20 ml contains, Calcium: 350 mg, Phosphorus: 280 mg, Vitamin D3: 1600 IU, Vitamin B12 : 20mcg, and Contains approved flavours and colouring agents.


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