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Natural Flea, tick & mite treatment spray for dogs repels fleas, mites and ticks and provides long lasting pest control. As a natural remedy it is effective, kind and safe to use on your pet, with direct application to the coat.

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Safe For All Pets: Whether it’s a cat flea treatment, dog flea treatment, or even rabbit flea treatment, Pets Purest has got you covered. A strong and natural formula that’s free from any harmful chemicals, suitable for all pet animals 8 weeks +

  • Stops Scratching & Itching: Fleas, ticks, and lice can bite hard, cause illness, and carry lyme disease. Our flea and tick treatment for dogs, cats and pet eliminates these parasites ensuring less stress for your pet when applied regularly
  • 100% Natural & Effective: Many other flea, mite, and lice prevention treatments use harmful or hidden chemicals, which we disagree with. Our Flea Pro tick and flea treatment controls and kills the spread using nature’s most powerful ingredients only
  • For All Pets, Breeds & Sizes: Easily eliminate mites, ticks, lice and fleas with a flea spray that’s fully approved and safe to use on any sized animal. A cat flea and tick treatment, dog flea and tick treatment and all pet flea tick remover in one


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