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The Milko-Pup Supplement is a nutritious milk replacement for orphaned or rejected puppies and can also be used as a food supplement for growing puppies, geriatric dogs and dogs under stress or convalescing, helping you be the parent your pet is longing for.

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What is Milko-Pup?

MILKO-PUP is a comprehensively formulated nutritional supplement and milk replacer for puppies. It resembles bitch’s milk in fat and protein content so it’s a good food source for orphaned or rejected puppies, and also for those nursing but requiring supplementation. Being highly digestible MILKO-PUP can also be used for growing puppies and adult dogs under stress, e.g. during convalescence.

What are the benefits of Milko-Pup?

MILKO-PUP supplies concentrated energy. , MILKO-PUP contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required by puppies for healthy growth and development. , Dogs love the taste of MILKO-PUP.

How do you use Milko-Pup? Prepare freshly for each feeding.

  • Mix one measure MILKO-PUP to two measures lukewarm water in the Kyron Pet Nurser Kit.
  • After 4 weeks of age, add one measure MILKO-PUP to 3 measures lukewarm water and use as often as required.

Pack size(s)

250g, 5kg (both with measure) OR Milko-Pup Puppy Starter kit (Contains:250g Milko-Pup, ® Protexin Soluble 60g, Pet Nurser Kit)


Store in a cool place (below 20 C) and away from direct sunlight.


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