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Boehringer the manufacturers of Frontline Spot On is the UK’s Number 1 flea and tick protection, this new Frontline Plus Spot On is suitable for Medium Dogs weighing 10.01kg – 20.00kg.

FRONTLINE Plus has a double-action formula that includes: fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Fipronil kills fleas and ticks on the pet and due to its additional active IGR technology. It also stops flea eggs from hatching in the home. By preventing flea eggs from hatching, FRONTLINE Plus breaks the flea life cycle, providing enhanced household protection and helping protect both the pet and the home. This FRONTLINE Plus Spot On Kills fleas within 24 hours of contact. It also kills by affecting the parasites’ central nervous system, making fleas appear more visible before dying. This is non-systemic meaning it acts on contact, not via the pet’s blood so the parasites do not need to bite the pet to be killed. It doesn’t stop ticks from attaching but kills them within 48 hours. Minimising the risk of disease transmission.

This product is easy-to-apply and the spot-on product is suitable for the treatment. And prevention of fleas and ticks on dogs weighing up between 10.01kg and 20.00kg. Apply on the skin at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades. It kills adult fleas and ticks on the pet. Frontline Plus contains a double-action flea formula, with active IGR technology that stops flea eggs from hatching in the home, providing enhanced household protection. Use this product every 4 weeks to help protect your pets from fleas and ticks.

1 Pipette.

Ingredients: Fipronil 10% w/v, (S) Methoprene 9% w/v. Spot On Solution.
This product is for animal use only and should under no circumstances be administered to any animal other than that which is stated for.
This product belongs within the animal medicines legal category of NFA-VPS</br>


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