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Absolute Immunity Dog Tablets has been fully formulated tablets for dogs of all breeds and sizes which help in improving the immunity system. Absolute Immunity Tablets contain ashwagandha which helps in the removal of bad agents and hence, strengthens the immune system. It also contains turmeric which helps in improving the digestive system.

It also keeps them energetic and healthy. Absolute Digestive Tablet is for All Life Stages, Suitable for All Breeds of Dogs.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with herbs for a healthy and strong immune system.
  • Great for fussy eaters and its easy administration makes you relieved.
  • Contains Essential nutrients which help improves immunity & digestive health.
  • Highly palatable and semi-moist tablets keep the pet active and promote immunity.
  • Essential ingredients blended with essential nutrients help to maintain a strong immune system


  • Ashwagandha – immune booster & anti-stress
  • Vitamin C – increases resistance
  • Bromelain – reduces inflammation & improves


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