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Your cat will like this new toy because it can comb his hair while it enjoys the massage and rubs with the product. It can be mounted in the corner at the edge of a small groove, can be placed to attract kitten cat grass. Easy to Clean. This cat self-grooming wall massage brush helps to remove and collect shedding hair.

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Cat Self Groomer, Cat Corner Scratcher with Catnip, Groomer Brush Massager Tool, can be installed on Wall or Wall Corner, Legs of Table, Chair

Basic Product Information:
Material: Plastic(pvc)
Weight: 80g
Size: 85*155mm
Colour: Gray

Features of Cat Self Massage Brush
1. The Lengthen Size and Comb Teeth make a better Massage experience
The cat’s lifestyle design provides the cat with a sense of comfort. Ensure a soft massage and grooming of the cat.
2. Collects Loose Hair
The self-groomer will help remove and collect loose hair, as a constant support towards a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment.
3. Catnip Compartment
There is catnip to attract the cat to tickle and lighten your burden when you are busy with other things.
4. Easy to Clean
The brush can be easily removed for cleaning and installation, and the split design helps clean it more conveniently.
5. Easy to Install
The Massage Comb Can be Easily Mounted on Either Flat Wall or Corner Surfaces with Two Installation Methods(Screws or Double-sided Tape ).

What is the Catnip?
Catnip is a herb that contains a chemical called nepetalactone, which smells like a cool odour. About 70% of the cats are interested in this odour and they like to scratch. Catnip not only makes cats feel excited and happy but also helps them vomit the hair inside the stomach but it doesn’t hurt them.


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