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Multi Vit contains a variety of 12 different vitamins. Multi Vit helps to promote excellent conditioning whilst speeding up moulting and increasing song performance. With extra Vitamin A

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A highly palatable, easy-to-use liquid vitamin supplement Beaphar MultiVit for Parrots & Parakeets has been tailored to meet the nutritional needs of parrots, parakeets and cockatoos, containing 12 vitamins to support good health and wellbeing.

Designed to help aid and maintain your bird’s vitality and keep them in peak condition all year round, Beaphar MultiVit is suitable for Parrots, Parakeets and Cockatoos of all ages and sizes.  Containing 12 vitamins, including Vitamin A (an essential part of a parrot’s diet), it supports moulting and condition and has the added benefit of encouraging a rapid and complete moult, helping to prevent feather plucking.  Easy to use, simply mix into your bird’s food daily using the recommended dosage guide below.

    • An easy-to-use a liquid vitamin supplement
    • Suitable for all parrots, cockatoos and parakeets
    • Contains 12 vitamins, including essential Vitamin A and a range of key B vitamins
    • Helps to support and maintain peak condition and vitality
    • Supports moulting and condition
    • Encourages a rapid and complete moult, helping to prevent feather plucking
    • Designed for use all year round, for the daily administration
    • Simply adds to food, helping to prevent vitamin deficiencies

Directions for Use: Beaphar MultiVit can be mixed into any type of bird’s food. Using the table below, add the recommended amount of Beaphar MultiVit for Parrots & Parakeets with your bird’s food each day.

Parakeets: 3 drops.

Large Parakeets & Parrots: 5 drops.

For use in egg food, use the following table as a guide:

Homemade Eggfood: 80 drops per 100g per day

Commercial/Formulated Eggfood: 20 drops per 100g per day.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K


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