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This anti-worm liquid is a medicine that combats worms in all kinds of birds. The 10 ml version with pipette is useful for individual treatment. The 100 ml version can be used for group treatment. Soluble in water.

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Beaphar Bird Wormer is a veterinary medicine containing Levamisole hydrochloride (1% w/v). And is effective against roundworms (Ascaridia) and hairworms (Capillaria) in all types of cage and aviary birds. Its use is particularly recommended for parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds. Worms may be tolerated by older birds who may show few apparent symptoms, but can be fatal for younger individuals. If you intend breeding we highly recommend worming all birds. And pressure washing or disinfec ting the aviary floor to clear the microscopic worm eggs. That will be in the environment & will otherwise re-infect your stock. The bottle contains sufficient wormer to treat 100 canaries, or 2-3 parrots.


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