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Sea Star HX-300L submersible filter, 300 l / h, 5 W, with sprinkler flute goods for animals fish Filters Accessories Aquatic Pet

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SEA STAR HX-300L 300L/H 5 W with Sprinkler Flute

The internal filter carries out high-quality water purification in the aquarium and its saturation with oxygen. A new reliable and compact filter attachment for easy maintenance.

The large size of the filter element makes it possible to more effectively purify water both mechanically and biologically, that is, with the help of nitrifying bacteria that settle inside the sponge and turn toxic compounds into harmless to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

The filter is as easy to maintain as possible. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, which speeds up the cleaning procedure. An effective, durable and convenient filter will appeal to the owners of aquariums, ludariums and terrariums, as it will create a comfortable environment for their inhabitants and maintain it for a long time.

Sprinkler flute included.

Composition: plastic, polyester.


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