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A general palatable supplement for puppies and adult dogs for improving immunity, optimal growth, healthy skin and coat. Proviboost Syrup Supplement that maintains all important body functions For Dog

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ProviBoost Syrup Supplement for Dogs helps to maintain good health, vigor and immunity in pets. It contains Arginine, Biotin and Choline which are vital for stimulating the immune system, to maintain healthy skin and coat. They also enable better functioning of the liver. The presence of L-Carnitine helps in maintaining the optimal level of cholesterol in the body.

ProviBoost syrup can be used as a general supplement to maintain all the important body functions. It is also ideal to optimize growth and weight gain in your pet, increase its resistance to fight diseases, improve immunity, promote shiny, lustrous and healthy skin and augment physical activity. The syrup is easy to administer and can either be given directly or mixed with your pet’s food or water.

  • For optimum growth and a healthy body
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplements
  • Food supplement which promotes vitality and strengthens a dog’s physical condition
  • Can Be used for both dogs and kittens

Ingredients – Moreover Each 10 ml contains – Arginine 6 mg, Histidine 2 mg, isoleucine 5 mg, leucine 15 mg, lysine 20 mg, methionine 9 mg, phenyl alanine 5 mg, threonine 5 mg, tryptophan 5 mg, valine 5 mg, vitamin E 6 mg, vitamin B1 5 mg, vitamin B2 2 mg, vitamin B3 20 mg, vitamin B5 4 mg, vitamin B6 1 mg, vitamin C 30 mg, choline 30 mg, vitamin B12 2 mcg, Folic acid 40 mcg, biotin (vit – H) 50 mcg

Directly give into the mouth. Can be mixed with food or water, puppies – 5 ml twice a day, dogs – 10 ml twice a day, cats – 2.5 ml twice a day, pet bird – 10 – 15 ml per 100 birds, or as directed by a veterinarian


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