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Rope Ball Classic eco-friendly

Helps to promote dental hygiene and support teething development; simply wet and freeze. Ideal for interactive play, fetching, and tugging.

  • Helps to clean teeth
  • Supports teething development

Dogs can easily become restless, so it’s important to keep your canine companion stimulated with toys that will break the boredom, keeping them active and engaged. With this Knotted Rope Ball Dog Toy, your pooch will love to interact and love playtime. Made from a durable, multi-coloured rope, this toy offers hours of fun, whether that’s an ultimate game of throw and fetch which your dog will love, whilst keeping them fit and active. Available in bright colours which makes it easy to locate. It is also beneficial for your dog’s dental hygiene as you can wet the toy and freeze, which can support with teething development. Because this toy is made from a hard-wearing yet soft rope, there is no need to worry about sharp edges as your dog tugs and chews during their playtime.


  • Helps to clean teeth – Helps dental hygiene
  • Wet and then freeze to help with teething – Supports teething development

Suitable for: All dogs.


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