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Suitable for Cats and Kitten Indoor Play, Interactive Play, Catch Play and Independent Play. The vibrant, high-visibility colours will successfully attract your cat’s curiosity. The jingle sound of cat toy ball will make your kitten go crazy when playing. Naturally active cats, especially kittens, like playing games. Release Cat’s Energy, stabilize their Nervous Emotion and increase their Movement to Achieve Weight Loss and Keep Fit and Healthy. Your kitten will enjoy hours of fun while playing with these cat toys with bells, chewing, chasing, scratching, and catching, they won’t be bored.


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【Large Cat Toy Ball】You will get 4 pieces of cat balls with bells in random colours, they are easy to take in; Ample quantity and various colours can meet your pet’s playing needs, you also share these toys with your friends who own cats at home.

【Jingle Bell Cat Toy】Plastic noisy cat toy ball has crisp bells inside, when your cat is playing or kicking, the ball surface has several small holes the crisp sound will be emitted clearly. Stimulates the senses created with bright colours and a ringing bell sound, this bell ball toy for pets stimulates cats’ senses and will make them chase and play with their ball toy.

【Avoid Furniture Scratches】Cat play toy ball can stimulate the animal hunting instinct, your pet will love chasing, catching, and rolling our bell chasing a ball, help the cats consume vigour, and your cats will concentrate on playing or rolling the ball, which can avoid furniture scratches or bite.

【Keep Healthy】This funny interactive cat toy reduces boredom and destructive behaviour through healthy play and exercise while increasing the daily interaction between the dog and you. Can exercise the pet’s sensitivity during play with the round ball, and keep your pet act nimble and reduce aloneness.

【Reliable Material】The cat balls with bells inside are made of quality plastic material, reliable and odourless, and not easy to deform and fray, your pet can play with them with confidence, and the bright colours will attract the cat’s attention. The plastic chase toys have a hollow design, and the size is 1.4 inches/3.8cm, proper size and intimate design make it easy for your cat to bite, but not easier to swallow.



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