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GimDog’s Sport Snacks with lamb are prepared with lots of tasty meat and contain L-carnitine, which helps improve performance. When combined with physical activity, this special ingredient reduces the accumulation of fat in the tissues and stimulates energy metabolism. Ideal for training and agility. An excellent reward even when travelling or at home.

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Gimborn Sportsnacks are prepared with juicy lamb. This makes them particularly tasty. They are incredibly suitable as a daily reward. L-carnitine helps to ensure energy needs in case of deficiency symptoms due to nutrition. In combination with movement, they reduce the deposition of lipids in the tissues. They favour the performance and tenacity of sporty dogs.

Composition: Meat and animal by-products (lamb meat 5%), cereals, vegetable by-products. Contains antioxidants, dyes and preservatives, and additives according to CE regulations

Benefits of Gimdog Sportsnacks Lamb Dog Treat

  • Complementary food for dogs
  • It is prepared from delicious and distinguished lamb meat. Lamb meat is rich in protein and easy to digest.
  • It is formulated in a way and taste that your dog will consume with pleasure and desire. It is ideal for a daily reward with its protein-rich content.
  • The L-carnitine it contains reduces fat accumulation in tissues with adequate exercise and supports your dog’s energy metabolism.
  • It increases endurance and willingness to work in sporty dogs.


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